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The role of brake chamber to the pressure of compressed air from the brake valve brake chamber into mechanical force putting. Commonly used in brake chamber has two diaphragm and piston. Liberation CAI091 cars with diaphragm. Air brake chamber brake chamber by the shell and cover, and used clamps connected to the , the shell and between the brake chamber diaphragm cover, if its in the free state, the diaphragm and cover close. The other side of the membrane disc in contact with the putter, putting the other end has a clevis to connect the cam brake adjustment arm.
When depresses the brake pedal, the compressed air into the brake chamber, the air pressure under the diaphragm deformation, to promote the putters, and promote the adjustment arm, rotating the cam brake shoe pressure will arise to the brake drum brake effect. When the brake pedal to relax when in the air brake chamber brake read through the atmosphere in the exhaust port, the diaphragm spring and the diaphragm under the effect of putting back position, remove the brake.
We offer trailer parts, brake chamber and slack adjuster for heavy-duty truck and trailer air brake system. ICP10034318
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