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Brake slack adjuster casing directly connected to the brake wheel cylinders putter, the internal spline gear set connecting the brake drum expansion block linkage shaft, brake wheel cylinder braking pressure to promote the putter, so that expansion of block linkage axis rotation angle, so that the brake block expansion hoof wall outward opening friction brake drum.

In short, the role of the brake adjustment arm shell is produced by passing wheel cylinder braking torque generated.

In 1984, Europe had 50% of the vehicle equipped with automatic slack adjuster. As Europe's brake certification testing by the government-designated agencies, to produce market after passing the car, so braking of the running by the car manufacturer responsible for their own completion.

Thus, Europe's "unity of motor vehicle brake certification requirements" ECER13 unlike the United States of FMVSS121, automatic adjustment of its loading arm, the high temperature, adjust the running clearance to allow three, complete the adjustment of a gap running again. Because the certification in Europe, the car plant has been completed on the vehicle running, there is no "too stressed" the problem.

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